RYS 124: God, Absolutely Why Not Me!

In this Episode:
Jobs end. Relationships end. We don’t get what we want when we want it. An inconsiderate driver cuts us off. We encounter a traffic jam. Our job becomes very demanding. The line at the post office is out the door. A check we mail never arrives. We are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Challenge is part of life. You cannot escape being inconvenienced or having to deal with unexpected and unwanted circumstances but you sure do have power over your attitude about what happens in life.

• Every challenge holds the opportunity of a lesson designed to help you grow.
• Each lesson learned is a lesson that does not have to be repeated because while the same thing may happen to you again, the way you respond will be different.
• When you change your attitude about challenges, life becomes easier because you are now open to learning as much as possible by living as the victor over the hard situations in life rather than being the victim of them.


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