Loving Strangers is a Powerful Love Indeed

Man and dogI was standing at an intersection waiting to cross and noticed a young homeless man pushing a shopping basket filled with his belongings. He had a beautiful dog with him. Then I saw an older, well-dressed man approach the young man and kneel down to pet the dog. The young man was beaming. The dog’s tail was wagging so fast I thought it would fly off, and the older gentleman was smiling from ear to ear. When he stood up I saw him hand the young man some money. They exchanged a handshake, and with one last pat on the dog’s head the older man turned and walked away.

When I crossed the street I caught up to the older gentleman and said, “That was a very kind thing to witness. Thank you for what you did.” He smiled. I smiled. For several days after I had a delightful feeling from witnessing such a loving act.

Love is more than a romance or devotion. Love is the state of aligning your behavior with the positive values of heart. Loving yourself and others is expressing behaviors like sensitivity and forgiveness. To love is to be patient, honest and enduring.

Each time you behave positively, regardless of how any other person chooses to act, you are aligned with the higher, wiser part of your being. When you behave in ways that align with your heart you create a life of joy and profound meaning.