I’ve Overcome What You Can Too

Regina Cates - Love ShirtHi, I’m Regina, a little-past-middle-age woman who is an author, advisor, and activist. I have a few college degrees including a master’s in leadership, and more than four decades of experience in that field. But I’ve also been a classical musician, a rock drummer, and an athlete. I could share my resume with you, but it doesn’t show what I consider my greatest and most rewarding achievement—overcoming the physical and psychological abuse that left me feeling unworthy.

I know from experience that healing life’s hurt is very, very difficult work—much harder than getting a degree, a big corner office, or a fat paycheck. I’ve overcome sexual abuse, prejudice, bigotry, misogyny, ageism, genderism, financial inequity, glass ceilings, and mistreatment by people in civil, religious, and political power. I was conditioned to believe success depends on things like money, looks, fame, a perfect relationship, or having power over others. But I certainly wasn’t pretty enough. Smart enough. Popular enough. Rich enough. Lots of people still think I don’t have the “right” religious beliefs and I didn’t marry the “right” person.

The list goes on, but I think you get the point. I bet in one way or another you can relate, too, because we both still live in a global society that is judgmental, prejudiced, and overall seems to be focused on the same shallow ideas about fame and success. It hurts each time we’re told we’re less than or not good enough to meet these superficial standards.

But there is great news! 

We can choose to get to the other side of life’s challenges. We can learn what true strength really is by discovering how to love and respect ourselves. When we get that,  our relationships become better, our communication clearer, and our challenges fewer. Everything I offer is designed to help you create your best life.