The Conversation Jesus Wants Us to Have Podcast

The Conversation Jesus Wants Us To Have

In this podcast series, Regina and her guests, imagine Jesus sitting down with them in conversation to discuss social issues, politics, relationships, and Christianity. As part social commentary, part call to action, and complete labor of love for Jesus, these conversations challenge us to create the caring, peaceful, and respectful world he envisioned and for which he made the ultimate sacrifice.

Episode 19: Small World of Belief vs. Vast World God Created

Episode 19 Show Notes:

Guest: Reverend Tim Moody, D.Min.

In this episode, retired Christian minister, Tim Moody joins me to discuss why abuse, judgment, exclusion, and domination are such a big part of our collective religious experiences.  Don’t we get closer to Jesus by engaging in a deep investigation of our attitudes and beliefs about the Bible and Christianity?

In this episode, we discuss whether the small world of our beliefs reflects the vast world God created by: 

  • Returning to a time over 2,000 years ago when Christianity began;
  • Examining the origins of the Bible and Christianity;
  • Recognizing that Jesus questioned and challenged those in authority who were abusive and controlling;
  • Investigating why we’re subjected to fear-based indoctrination in Christ’s name, rather than love-based teachings; and
  • Exploring why we have a tendency to view ourselves, other people, and the world around us through the lens of what we already believe to be true.