RYS 131: How I lost 63 Pounds and How I Keep it Off

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At one time I was obese. The short answer to how I lost the extra weight is, I worked my rear end off through exercise to burn the 220,500 calories necessary to get back down to 130 pounds. The long answer is that before I hit the gym, before I committed to a new habit of eating healthy, and before I could care for my physical body as a daily lifestyle, I had to confront my emotions and why I was stuffing them with food.

  • To lose feelings of inadequacy we must gain a new sense of self-worth by rewriting the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.
  • We learn:  to feel unworthy, unhealthy eating, a lack of self-esteem, to give up, to self-sabotage, so we must unlearn a negative perception and lack of self-support to create a new healthy self-image and lifestyle.
  • We must eat to live but to be healthy and maintain our weight we must become emotionally responsible for the foods we eat and the exchange of energy necessary to burn off the calories we consume.

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