Get to Know Your Neighbors

Woman in Red FBThere was a time we exchanged keys with a neighbor should we get locked out. We trusted each other.

There was a time if someone needed help, neighbors rushed to be of assistance. We watched out for one another.

There was a time if a child fell off her bicycle, a stranger walked her safely home. We cared for other people’s children as if they were our own.

That time was recently, in my neighborhood, in the heart of the second largest city in the United States.  Good people are everywhere! You and I are part of a worldwide group of people who are more similar than different. The vast majority of us want the same things like peace, happiness, and connectedness.

So romance your soul by getting to know your neighbors because our neighborhoods create our cities. Our cities create our states. Our states create our nation. Kindness, friendliness, helpfulness, and cooperation really do start at home by our being examples of what good neighbors and positive community member’s look like.

Be first to extend the hand of friendship.  Don’t wait for other people to go first.  You take the lead and share a smile, make a friend.