Episode 1: Imagining a Conversation with Christ

Episode 1 Show Notes:

No matter our religious affiliation or lack thereof, I believe the majority of us would jump at the opportunity to engage with Christ. I also think it is a safe bet many of us would not imagine an exchange with him to be anything but a love-filled, mostly one-sided talk of peace, forgiveness, and goodwill. However, having endured and witnessed religious persecution and hypocrisy all of my life, and observing the current chaos, division, corruption, scapegoating, abuse of political and social power, and disinformation prevalent in the world today, I have thought a great deal about what Jesus’ side of a conversation with us would be like.

In this episode, I ask us to consider: 

  • Would Jesus be comfortable with the religion created in his name?
  • Would Jesus be proud to call all who profess to love him, friend?
  • Why is there so much confusion about what it really means to be “Christ-ian”?
  • Wouldn’t Jesus challenge us to engage in candid, tough-love conversations about these questions and many more?
Your turn! Download this episode’s talking points guide for conversation starters with your friends and family.

The Conversation Continues