Freedom Comes With a Price

Choices_and_ConsequencesFreedom does not mean we can do anything we want without care to the outcome of our choices. Freedom of choice is both a great privilege and an enormous responsibility.

If we choose to drink, text, or talk on the phone and drive, and cause an accident, we have created heart-break and chaos for ourselves and others. If we choose to keep loaded guns in our home and a child accidently shoots someone our choice creates devastation. If we choose to justify using substandard construction methods and a building collapses killing hundreds we have created anguish for thousands.

Everything we do is a choice and every choice we make has a consequence.

While our intention may not be to cause harm to ourselves and others, without forethought to consider the potential outcomes of our choices we are mindlessly rolling the dice. Life has so many variables we can never control. It makes good sense to want the best odds possible over each and every choice we can control – our behavior. We really are the powerful creators of our life when we exercise the freedom to think and care about the choices we make before we act.