We All Make Mistakes

forgivenes-flow-freeYou and I make mistakes. If you are like me then we do not intentionally intend to hurt people when we make an error. We are not acting maliciously. It just happens that there are times when our behavior is not perfect. Not a big surprise since we are not perfect. Neither are other people.

I believe the majority of people we encounter in daily life who make mistakes are not trying to intentionally hurt other people. So when someone hits our car, or runs a red light just as we’re about to walk across an intersection, or lets go of their shopping cart and it rolls into our parked car, I do not think the majority of people “intend” to do it.

This is important to remember when we encounter challenging situations in life. We experience less stress and upset when we remember that sometimes we make mistakes. Rather than going to the automatic place of “you should have known better,” we take a deep breath and remember there are times we mess up to.