Yes, You Can, When You Do

SuperheroARecently a woman told me she can’t change her life because “it’s just too hard and much easier said than done.” I really dislike these and other self-limiting “I can’t” phrases.

Regardless what we want to accomplish we MUST support ourselves and that requires us to remove self-limiting language. We stop and ask, “Why would we intentionally sabotage ourselves before we even get started by allowing ourselves to think whatever we want to accomplish is too hard or not actually possible for us?” We don’t!

I asked what actions she had taken. She said, “I haven’t taken any. I’ve only thought about it.” I asked, “Could it be that it only seems too hard or easier said than done because you have not DONE anything yet?”

Together we made a list of small action steps. Today she proudly informed me, “Regina it’s not true that it is too hard or easier said than done. When I actually started doing I realized I could and that put an end to my thinking I couldn’t. Taking action I now know I CAN. Even when I stumble, I CAN still get back up and move forward.”

I love when we realize we are our own powerful superhero agent of self-change.