Lead By Example


There are moments when I feel surrounded by rude people.  It seems I often run into the thoughtless and negative behavior of others. But, no matter how frustrating some people’s self-centered behavior is, we can’t change anyone but ourselves.  And we cannot fight fire with fire and expect not to get burned.

That means ego-boxing with self-absorbed and rude people only fuels them.  No matter what kind of jerks they are, our happiness and peace depend on refusing to stoop to their level.

Instead of focusing on trying to change others lets concentrate on stopping rudeness once and for all. The cure begins at home.

People must be taught values, courtesy, respect and patience.  Right now too many of us are rushing around with eyes only on our own agenda.  To stop this we as parents and as a society must place greatest value on being people of values. Those of us who do value kindness, compassion, and respect must do our best to instill these same values in our children. We seek out friends and those we associate with the same positive values too.

Our world will change when we set boundaries against unacceptable behavior from those we have the power to influence.  When more of us care about being people of polite and respectful behavior, then those who are self-centered and rude will stand out even more. Standing out is what puts pressure on others and that is when change happens.  And, we must also stop allowing reality shows, opinion television, and sarcastic, me-first television to teach our children how to behave.  Bullying stops when we stop bullying. In our homes, at the office, in schools, and on television we have to make behaving like a jerk unacceptable.

er whom we have influence.