Presence is Peace, Power, and Purpose

Senior mother and daughter having fun

The relationships we have are the most important and fulfilling aspect of life. We cannot create good relationships with others if we are not present with them.  We can be physically present but emotionally disconnected, distracted with other things.  People know when we are not listening to them.  They know when we are distracted.

To stay present requires developing the peace and purpose that comes from controlling what we allow to distract us from what is happening in the moment. We turn off the cell phone when sitting across the table from family and friends and immerse ourselves fully in the conversation at hand. When the people in our lives want to share how their day was, we turn off the television. We place more value on listening attentively and fully acknowledging their joy and excitement.

Life is now, this moment.  I cannot tell you how much life has improved by keeping myself present in the now.  Work on keeping your mind focused on what is happening in the now moment.  Begin with the conversations you have. As you speak, hear your words in your head and in your heart. When listening to others, hear their words in your head and in your heart. Allow someone to finish speaking before you jump in so you do not interrupt them or make them feel cut off. Listen to others with a quiet mind, without thinking about a response. Your relationships will immediately improve when you stay emotionally present in the now.